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  • Prevent most heat loss and condensation
  • Simple cost effective solution
  • Reduce noise and Saves Energy
Amazing Glazing Retro fitted double glazing for existing wooden windows

New Zealand's single glaze tradition probably evolved with the open fires designed to radiate warmth to the gathering family creating a social focus as well as warmth. Condensation became a problem when heating the whole house became an option. When heated, single glass windows act as a cold pump by transmitting the outside temperature into the room via a cold down draught with condensation as a by product.

Max Dorfliger grew up and entered the family joinery in Switzerland in the 1960's when twin frame double glazing was the norm, and they still protect older houses from the harsh Swiss environment. Remembering this he adapted it to our New Zealand situation with great success.

Secondary glazing frame

Max arrived in New Zealand in the 70's, and in Lyttelton harbour in the 90's. He built his entire timber log home, with most furniture from macrocarpa grown, milled and seasoned on his own land.

Real Glass, Real Wood
Max has developed a specially run molding using peninsula macrocarpa with fillet joints securing a second sheet of glass to the wooden window frame. This can be used on opening or fixed windows, or by putting the upper second sheet on the outside can also be used for hanging sash windows.

This system gives an air gap of about 30 millimeters between the glass panes, quite a lot more than is common in conventional systems.

Glass frames can be oiled for the natural Macrocarpa timber look, or painted to match the decor of your room.